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NPC Computer and Guide

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NPC Computer and Guide

Looking for a reliable and budget-friendly computer? Look no further than NPC computers! With their wide range of products, you can enjoy stunning sound and picture quality at home while staying within your budget. Get ready for an exceptional cinematic experience!


M2 Smart Projector

All-in-one PC

All-in-one PC products are more convenient and cost-effective, meeting the needs of users in office work, professional design, and gaming. Say goodbye to cluttered desks with these sleek all-in-one PCs.

LCD Monitor

Upgrade your viewing experience with NPC’s LCD monitors. With higher resolution, refresh rate, HDMI and USB-C interfaces, as well as HDR movie image processing systems, these monitors set a new standard for quality, durability, and cost performance.


Elevate your entertainment with NPC’s Mini LED WebOS TV. Featuring Micron dot matrix controlled light technology, WebOS TV interface, 1000Nits peak brightness display capability,and 98% DCI-P3 film grade color reproduction – this QLED smart TV offers a visual feast like no other.

The Versatility of NPC Computers

Not only do NPC computers provide top-notch hardware options but they also offer versatile software solutions to meet various needs. Whether you’re looking for a powerful workstation or a compact laptop for on-the-go productivity,NPC has got you covered.

Affordable Performance at Your Fingertips

No matter what your computing needs are,NPC computers deliver affordable performance without compromising on quality.With their user-friendly interfaces and reliable components,you can trust NPC to provide a seamless computing experience.

When it comes to finding the perfect computer, look no further than NPC. With their range of products including the NPC-M2714, M2 Smart Projector, All-in-one PC, LCD Monitors, and Mini LED WebOS TV – you can enjoy exceptional sound and picture quality within your budget. Upgrade your home entertainment or office setup with NPC computers today!

NPC Computer and Guide

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